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About Discoveries Preschool & Childcare

Helping children in the Northern Nevada area learn, explore, develop, and grow for more than twenty years.

We are a locally owned licensed daycare in Washoe County in tune with the needs of the surrounding area. Learn more about why parents choose and trust us!

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Discoveries Preschool & Childcare focuses on a fun and engaging learning environment

Our mission

To provide daycare based on the needs of each unique child

All children have different strengths and interests and learn in different ways. This is especially true during early childhood. This is why our experienced, licensed teachers work hard to meet the individual needs of each student in their classrooms providing a positive and secure environment for them to explore and learn.

Discoveries Preschool & Childcare focuses on a fun and engaging learning environment

Our goals

Build a foundation for lifelong learning among the children we serve
Motivate and ready children for the transitions ahead from preschool to elementary
Create a learning environment that promotes enjoyment and individuality

Discover your child’s early learning success story

Contact us to schedule a tour: (775) 425-2273
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Our team

We are so fortunate to have talented, experienced, and stimulating staff as part of our preschool program.

Many of our teachers have years of experience as educators, childcare givers, and parents. Their educations range from CDA credentials to more than a decade of hands-on learning. Some have taught in large corporate facilities while others have been teachers on Native American Reservations as well as in Head Start Programs.

Our younger staff members share their youth and vitality. (A much-needed asset in keeping up with young children!) We have a balance of exceptional men and women to spend precious time growing with your children. Each brings special talents and qualities to share. All are here because of their love of children and a wish to make a difference in the lives of children and our community.

Our teachers are:

Gina and some of our teachers at Discoveries Preschool
Our teachers and staff are registered with the State of Nevada
Our teachers have years of experience and training
Ms. Kitty is the mascot of our day care!

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Parents trust us to provide a safe and enriched learning environment for their children.