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Infant Care

Caterpillars: 9 – 20 months

This calm yet cheery room is just right for your little bundle of joy. Many different types of activities can be found in our program, such as sensory play.
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Infant progam curriculum

Our circle time curriculum for the Caterpillars consists of singing songs, reading stories for language development, and counting. Manipulative toys help with fine motor skills. Our daycare promotes large motor skills with the parachute and dancing.

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Caterpillars classroom

The infants’ classroom is broken into three areas to ensure all their needs are met most effectively. We have separate areas for feeding, sleep, and activities, and an outdoor playground. We take sanitation very seriously, especially with the littlest ones.
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Main gated area

The first area has the important items to make sure your little ones’ needs are met. Playtime, cuddling, napping, and diaper changing happen in this area.

Our gated area is safe and spacious with plenty of room for your baby to crawl, toddle, and play. Many age-appropriate toys and equipment can be found for constant stimulation.

Feeding area

The feeding and kitchen area, sanitized daily, includes high chairs and a small sized table.

We freshen up our snack calendar on the 1st of every month. Snacks can range from healthy cereals, crackers, and fresh fruits that are safe and appropriate for your baby’s age.

Our lush infant playground is a safe are for your little one to enjoy the outdoors

Infant playground area

The Caterpillars have a lush, grassy, enclosed play yard so they can enjoy fresh air and the many wonders nature has to offer. This area is soft enough to be completely safe, yet expansive enough for babies to enjoy all the wonders of the great outdoors. It is right under one of our larger trees, so shade is always in supply.

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