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Preschool Program

Pandas: 2 – 3 years

Our preschool program focuses on the changes ahead. We help your child transition into an environment centered around academics and routines.

Preschool progam curriculum

Pandas are ready for more structure in the classroom, so we focus on the skills they need in preparation for the school years ahead. Our circle time curriculum helps children practice sitting, listening, and participating.

Some of the skills and activities we focus on:

Pandas classroom

The preschool program room is centered around structured activities, learning, and playtime. 
Discoveries Preschool and Childcare has a dedicated classroom for your 2-3 year olds

Indoor classroom

Our indoor preschool has various areas and items that will help your child grow into the next phase of their education. For example, we have a reading area where they can build their vocabulary, and a dress-up area where they can learn to pretend and express themselves. 

Our goal is to keep your three-year-olds excited to learn. Don’t worry, we also understand the importance of naps; we have a space for that, too. 

Preschool playground area

Our playgrounds are specially made for the age of the children using them. The pandas’ playground has everything they need to exercise, play, and even learn!

Our playground is equipped with things like a sandbox, swings, slides, and a special projects area for outdoor crafts. 

We also have a garden where children how to grow trees, plants, and flowers. We recycle and help the kids to understand its importance during childcare.

Our Pandas plaground is made specifically for your 3-4 year old children

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