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Discoveries Preschool Programs

Our programs are divided according to a child’s age and needs. We provide age-appropriate activities and toys for each classroom.
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Our classrooms

We have programs for children aged 9 months through 12 years old
Our infant program takes place in the Caterpillars room


Infant: 9 – 20 months

We offer infant care at the highest standard. We’ve found our play centered curriculum is the most effective way to help your baby meet their full potential.

Discoveries Pre-k program takes place in our Monkeys & Alligators classroom


Toddler: 20 – 34 months

Toddlers are always on the move learning with their voices and bodies. We make sure to give them plenty of room to stretch their legs and have fun learning.

Our Panda classroom is where you'll find our 3 year old children


Preschool: 2 – 3 years

Change is a faced pace adventures for these little tikes. These classrooms are set up in learning centers such as dress up, home center, art, blocks, manipulative area, and a sensory table.

Monkeys & Alligators

Pre-K: 3 – 5 years

Transitioning into a school atmosphere is the next big step for your growing child. These colorful classrooms have centers that focus on fine motor skills, and creativity.

Our Kindergarten program takes place in the Red Mustangs classroom

Mustangs & Stallions

Kindergarten: 5 years

Whether your child continues their journey with us for Kindergarten or goes to another school, we have a classroom for them to learn and grow in.

You'll find our Off Track program in th Big horns room

Big Horns

Before & After School: 6 – 12 years

Work and school schedules don't always align. We offer care for your children during those gaps with transportation included. We are open from 6am – 6pm Monday – Friday.

Off-Track & Vacation Programs

During school breaks and summer older children join in on the fun.

We meet in the large Mustang classroom and enjoy the some of the same activities. The curriculum is geared to the older level of children and we still use all the fun learning centers. As a way to combat boredom, many centers are added and changed. For instance, we add a wood working center and special activities to the days.

Off track programs available at Discoveries preschool

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Discoveries Preschool Events

We host several events each year as a way to celebrate our children and engage with parents.
Humane Society Fundraiser at Discoveries day care
Annual Fall Festival is one of the many events at Discoveries
Regularly scheduled ice cream truck visits are a favorite of the children at Discoveries

Special Field Trips

We include field trips in our programs as a way to make your child’s time with us more memorable.

Our staff ratio is set to make all trips safe and fun. Parents are invited to join us for the field trips and can meet us at the location. Children 5yrs. and older may attend these field trips. We ask students, parents, and staff alike for their recommendations.

Our preschool programs include field trips, like this one to the Fire Station
A fun trip to the water park is one of the many field trips we take at Discoveries
Hiking is a fun and refreshing field trip we do at Discoveries