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Before and After School Program

Big Horns: 6-12 years

Our daycare is open from 6am to 6pm everyday for those times when work and school schedules don't align. We offer a program for your school-aged children as well as transportation to and from school.

Big Horns classroom

We offer transportation to and from the child’s school. We offer a healthy snack after school and follow this up with group homework. We encourage the older children to check the younger children’s work.

Once school work is finished the children get to take advantage of our large classroom. It is set up in learning centers to encourage reading, growing, and social development for children of any age.

The student’s choices about learning are a necessary component to our success. Your child is challenged and able to learn in many different ways. The children are able to make their choice of activities and learning styles including visual, auditory sensory, and hands on practice.

Big Horns learning centers

Reading Loft

A special place above the busy activities of the classroom to relax and read. It is filled with comfortable chairs and pillows to sink into. Books are rotated frequently. During rest and relaxation time the entire preschool class retreats up to the loft. Here the teacher reads stories and plays instrumental calming music.

Kick Back Kid Hang Out

This hangout is a quiet space for reading and relaxing. The book shelves contain books for all levels of reading. Kids will also find a large overstuffed chair and couch for a time away from others. Since activity fills in most of the classroom, this area is a great space to escape.

Transportation Table

Here your young travelers will find cars, boats, and trains available for play. Train tracks are built all over this area so that young engineers may experiment with life on the rails.

Building Center

This center promotes your child's curiosity about building, design, and balance. They are encouraged to experiment and express their creativity with such things as block, wood, tiles, carpet, and a variety of Lego bricks.

Creative Art Center

We provide paper of various colors and textures, glue, scissors, crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint, stamps and stencils. Children can paint with marbles, sponges, feathers, and other media to create unique masterpieces. Recycling is part of our philosophy, therefore collages of all sorts of materials are available for experimenting. We have playdough and sidewalk chalk for hands-on creativity.

Science Center

We change this area often, depending on the theme and the childrens' interest. From a space station to an indoor garden, we like to keep this area fresh and exciting. Our bookshelves are full of information pertaining to plants, oceans, animals, nature, and other science related subjects. Our pet fish also enjoys time there. Visits from other live animals are always a welcomed treat. Hermit crabs, frogs, and a desert tortoise have found their way into this living and learning area.

Math Center

Math is about more than just recognizing numbers. We offer a variety of activities to help them learn math in practical and useful ways. Children can experience weighing different objects on a child-size scale. Counting, matching, sequencing and graphs will give each child the chance to be successful.

Drama Center

This is an ever changing area with themes such as camping with a real tent, a pizzeria, or even a pet shop with an in-house veterinarian. The restaurant theme was a favorite so we opened “BlueWing Restaurant”. Our grocery store month is something all children can relate to. This center also includes a dress up area with fashions for both genders.

Music Center

This is an outdoor area where your children can experiment with their aspiring music skills. They can try various instruments such as a keyboard, guitar, drums, percussion instruments, and bells. The teacher sometimes will play a guitar as children sing about life, animals, holidays. They sing old fashioned folk songs like the ones your grandparents liked to sing.

We'll take care of the transportation

To and from transportation is provided by Discoveries Preschool and Childcare for your child to local Sparks schools as well as adventurous field trips.

The school owns three 15 passenger vans ready for the field trips and transporting students to and from the elementary schools as needed. All vans are equipped with first aid kits and fire extinguishers.

One of our transportation vans at Discoveries

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