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Resources for Parents

Raising children in today’s busy fast-paced world can be difficult enough. If your child needs special child care and you’re financially struggling things can be even tougher.

At Discoveries Preschool and Day Care we help meet many of your and your children’s needs. However, there are areas that we are not experts in. Here are a few resources for parents

Many of our families have had huge success rates with these programs. Below you will find a list of specialists who can help with some of the struggles your family may be facing.

From day care tuition assistance to speech and behavioral issues these are the programs we turn to for help and they are waiting to help you.

The Children’s Cabinet

Children’s Cabinet is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting families in need. Their mission is to keep children safe and families together by providing services and resources that address unmet needs through a unique and effective cooperative effort between the private sector and public agencies in Nevada.

Whether it is tuition assistance with a day care or food from a pantry, Child’s Cabinet is here to help. If your family needs help contact Children’s Cabinet at 775-856-6210

Child Find

Child Find believes that every child has a right to a public education. They are a service of the Washoe County School District and a federally funded program established to help identify the un-served child.This program helps to find classrooms for students in need of Special Education Services.

It places students with autism, hearing impairment, visual impairment, speech and language impairment, traumatic brain injury, and several other impairments into regular classrooms. Anyone may refer a child to Child Find, but the parent must consent to the initial visit and screening. If your family needs help with these services contact Child Find at 775- 327-0685