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Discoveries Preschool & Childcare Facilities

Our grounds are focused on age-appropriate learning and classrooms. We take the safety and health of your child very seriously. This is all part of our goal to be your child's home away from home.
Our preschool playground is made specifically for children ages 2-4

Your child is safe with us

The security of your child is a top priority at Discoveries Preschool and Childcare.

Each child enters and leaves our facility at the front desk, monitored by our supervisor.
Security codes are required for entry into all outside doors and gates.
We check the ID of all parents and guardians. No exceptions.

Age-appropriate learning and play areas

Our grounds are uniquely set up to ensure the safety and individual growth of your child.

Six classrooms

Your child will receive the care and education they need for whatever stage they are in.

Five playgrounds

With 1.5 acres of playground space, you can guarantee your child will be getting their exercise. Our playgrounds are suited for each child’s age to ensure safe play and interactions.
Discoveries Preschool Sparks playground
Toddlers playground at Discoveries day care in Sparks
Infant and toddler playground at Discoveries childcare in Sparks
One of four playgrounds at Discoveries

Nine learning centers

Children all learn and excel in different areas. Our variety of learning centers ensures your child will stay interested and engaged during their care.

Discoveries Preschool learning centers:

Discover your child’s early learning success story

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Parents trust us to provide a safe and enriched learning environment for their children.