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Kindergarten Program

Mustangs & Stallions: 5 years

We offer a Kindergarten program for parents looking for a more dedicated curriculum. For those who send their children elsewhere for Kindergarten, we offer before and after school care.

Mustangs Kindergarten curriculum

Discoveries Preschool & Childcare offers a comprehensive kindergarten education with a curriculum exceeding Washoe County requirements. We provide a lower student-to-teacher ratio of 8:1, which means your child gets more dedicated learning.

The class has new themes weekly starting with learning about ourselves, our strengths, and how we learn new things.

We continue the childrens’ education with the teacher’s table. We focus each day on one subject so the teacher can work individually with each child. All children are expected to participate in this table time.

Table Time:

Circle Time:

Outdoor Time:

Stallions before and afterschool program

We offer before and after school care for your kindergarten age children who attend school outside of Discoveries. Stallions share a classroom with the Mustangs and have access to all the same learning centers and play areas.

Mustangs & Stallions classroom

Our kindergarten classroom includes time for structured learning, creativity, and focusing energy in a positive way.
Discoveries Preschool's pre-k classroom

Indoor classroom

Our indoor kindergarten classroom has various areas and items to keep your child engaged in learning. These areas include our teacher’s table, tables for different learning subjects, circle time, and crafts.

Quiet time is necessary for your busy little ones in day care. Ages 5yr. and up have a relaxing quiet time for rejuvenation. Stories are read, music is played and a calming atmosphere is for all before a busy afternoon.

Kindergarten playground area

Our playgrounds are specially made for the age of the children using them. The red mustangs’ playground has everything they need to exercise, play, and learn!

Our playground is equipped with things like a sandbox, swings, slides, and a special projects area for outdoor crafts. 

A garden helps us understand how trees, plants, flowers and food from plants are necessary to live a healthy life. We recycle and encourage a concern for the earth we live on. Exercise is experienced all the time in or out of doors.

discoveries playground pre k

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