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Discoveries Celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day at Discoveries

Discoveries cares about the fragile earth we live on and try to do our best to take care of it every day. April 22 Earth Day is celebrated all over the world. At Discoveries, we did our part and learned more.

Every day we do our part by recycling our plastic, so it’s safe to say we are no strangers to this eventful Earth Day, but we were of course excited and eager to learn more about what Earth Day means.

Thanks to our daily recycling habits we learned that plastic snack containers, water bottles, and glass bottles can be made into new containers. They can recycle blue jeans and turn them into pencils.

We were able to fish for trash in our imaginary Truckee River. We attached paper clips to every piece of trash we could round up from our back playground: juice boxes, Ziploc bags, band-aids, etc.

We gave the kids fishing poles and lines. At the end of each fishing line was a magnet and voila! Fishing for trash we go! We filled the water play table with water and then we put in the trash that we caught with our fishing poles.

We watched the trash pollute the water and make it turn muddy and yucky. Because water is essential to life, we also learned how to make a water filtration system using sand, small rocks, big rocks, and coffee filters to filter the water that we had put into our water play table.

It was fun to watch the children’s excitement as they learned that paper that would normally be considered “trash” can indeed be recycled and reused. We explored this method in the form of making paper out of used paper. We invited a special guest, Ms. Natalie, a retired kindergarten teacher.

She taught us how to put water and scrap paper into a blender and make pulp. Then we made new paper from the pulp by straining it with a screen and a hoop. We successfully made new paper out of paper that had already been drawn on and thrown into the trash.

We had an earth-friendly lunch of veggies, pizza fruit, and apple juice that families brought in to share.

We all learned that we should take care of the Earth every day. Not just once a year.

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