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The weather is hot, cold, windy, sunny, and cloudy, with rain and snow. We have had a lot of crazy weather and fun times. March madness brought Leprechauns to our school. Those crazy guys spilled gold glitter all over the school. Even in the bathroom!

The Mustang classes found strange clues in the room and went on a treasure hunt for Leprechauns and gold. We started out at the rainbow painted on the ceiling in Mustangs class and followed the clues to many class rooms and even outside.

But the clues eventually lead us back to the Mustang class and the rainbow to find a pot of gold candy hiding under a table. Those Leprechauns sure are tricky. Mustangs had a special lunch that day.

In March we celebrated the birthday of author Dr. Seuss. We made green eggs and ham and created a hypothesis about who would like green eggs and ham. We also did many activities from other children’s books. “Where the Wild Things are” was one of our favorites.

Spring break came and the elementary students took field trip to bowling, skating and movies. Some days were warm and sunny so we took advantage of those days and played outside as much as we could. We even had a “Bike Day” at the park.

April brought us Easter and a great egg hunt. We made Easter hats and bags to collect eggs. Families donated candy and plastic eggs to make our hunt EGGstra fun. A pizza lunch was perfect for the day after all the sweets.

Our Mustang class studied our environment and celebrated Earth Day. A science experiment taught us about trash that pollutes our lakes, rivers and oceans. We went fishing for trash and read stories about taking care of our Earth. We had an Earth Day celebration luncheon and families brought food that came from the Earth.

Fruits and vegetables were a big part of our celebration. We made quesadillas from corn tortillas and put cheese, beans and vegetables on them. Each child chooses their ingredients and made their own lunch. The families were very generous and we had so much fruit that we were able to have fruit for morning and afternoon snack and plenty to eat with our lunch.

We are so lucky to have such caring parents that make our lives wonderful. Thank you!!

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