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To and from transportation is provided by Discoveries Preschool for your child to local schools and for adventurous field trips. The school owns three 15-passenger vans ready for the field trips and transporting students to and from the elementary schools as needed. All vans are equipped with first aid kits and fire extinguishers, should reason arise. Seat belts are required for all children and drivers and booster seats are provided for the young children who require them. Our staff are qualified safe and careful drivers.

They are screened and passed by our auto insurance company to ensure the safest transportation. We are very mindful when we take children in the vans. A binder with student roster, policy, and procedures accompanies all travel. Roll is called and all children are accounted for before we leave. We verify all the children are with us and ready to go when everyone is seat-belted in and again before we return to the school. If any questions arise about a child’s transport plans the staff immediately calls the school. The school calls parents to confirm changes. Sometimes parents forget to notify the school of special arrangements for a child’s transportation. We ALWAYS double-check.

The local elementary schools we provide transportation to have various schedules requiring many different trips. These schools have different start and end times. All schools have various early releases on specific days, seasonal student breaks, and school conferences. These trips are also part of our transportation services. This requires coordination and flexibility. The three vans ensure your child is delivered and picked up timely.

The morning drop off includes staff escorting children to the elementary schools playground. We also stay with the younger kindergarten children on the playground and wait until their teachers come to take them into the class for safety. The afternoon pick up consist s of the driver meeting all children at a designated place on the school grounds to ensure all children are safe and accounted for, before leaving the school.

Field trips are a big part of our program. Our staff ratio is set to make all trips safe and fun. Parents are invited to join us for the field trips and can meet us at the location of field trips. Children 5yrs. and older may attend these field trips. We ask students, parents and staff alike for their recommendations.

We visit children’s museums and the planetarium for educational fun. Hikes in nature are refreshing as well as educational. Water parks and local parks are always on the agenda as well as local kid activities. Roller skating, jump man jump, miniature golf and bowling help to add to our fun curriculum. Seasonal activities such as pumpkin patch and corn maze make our time together more memorable.

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