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Dinosaur Eggs at Discoveries

Dinosaur Week at Discoveries

The end of February brought Dinosaur week to the Alligator Class.  They were Archaeologists looking for the Alphabet in the sand, fossil hunters and of course dinosaur detectives themselves. They even did a dinosaur egg hunt; they went out searching to the archaeology site on the playground for dinosaur eggs. The eggs were made of baking soda by Miss Jessica’s special recipe.  A surprise was inside. We even invited the Monkeys and Mustangs to join in our science fun. Before the hunt, the Mustangs invited the other classes for a story about dinosaurs.

After finding the eggs each child got to discover what was inside.  To help with fine motor skills and have some science fun, the students used spray bottles to experiment with the different reactions between water and vinegar on the baking soda eggs. We also tried droppers to uncover the hidden secret inside.

The excitement grew as the eggs fizzed and dissolved before our very eyes. Inside was a baby dinosaur. We discovered that the vinegar and water melted the baking soda faster than just plain water.

An amazing time was shared by all.

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