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Spring at Discoveries

Discoveries is Looking Forward to Spring

At Discoveries we are looking forward to spring! Lots of fun crafts and outdoor activities. We will try our hand at gardening. Starting with flowers to watch them grow from seeds to beautiful blooms in our back playground flower box. We are planting a potato patch in the front raised bed. We will learn about how to grow plants from seeds, rooting from parts of plants and established plants. We will discover what it takes to make a plant grow water, sunshine and lots of encouragement. We plan on having a fenced in garden for other crops and have a wonderful tasting party after a harvest. We may even have pumpkins from our own patch for the fall.
Earth Day will be a big part of our month as we learn about caring for our fragile planet. A trip to the University of Nevada Planetarium helped to spark our interest during spring break. We will make paper from recycled ingredients. We will conduct many science experiments and share our results.
We hope to have some visitors to help us learn about the Reno, Sparks, Spanish Springs and Washoe County area we live in.

The weather is getting warmer and the longer days of sunlight are welcome sight after the long weather.
We are planning a graduation celebration for those moving up to Kindergarten at local elementary schools. Before we know it, school will be out and the summer fun will begin.

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