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Mustang Quilt

Keeping Warm With our Quilt

The month of Dec was cold and wet. Snow and rain filled our days. Miss Dawn decided we needed a quilt to snuggle under for the reading loft. So she brought in her Christmas cloth and sewing machine and helped class make a quilt. In the age of technology sewing is not high on the list. Some of the children had never seen or used a sewing machine. Some were even amazed that we could make cloth things ourselves. Many just knew that they could go to a store and the clothes, backpacks and home goods were there.

And so the lesson began. We learned math skills of using a tape measure to make each piece the same size. We counted how many “fat square” pieces of materials we each got to choose for our part of the quilt. Then we laid out the material so that each child got to design their part of the quilt. Next came sewing. The children helped press the pedal to make the machine sew. Then they held the material as it fed through the machine sewing as it went. We laid out the sewn strips to make complete quilt. Miss Dawn pinned the quilt together. She took it home and sewed the quilt together. Her daughter Tiffany attached the binding of black ruffle edging and the quilt was done.

Miss Dawn brought the finished quilt back to school. Everyone admired the worked the students had done. Miss Gina wanted to hang it up in the big room for all to see, but Miss Dawn explained this was to use in the reading loft. We would let her display it in the summer when the reading loft was too hot to need it.

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