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Smokey the Bear visits Discoveries: Sept 2016

Smokey the Bear made a visit to Discoveries to tell us about being safe.  He brought his cool fire truck and all his great friends that fight forest fires.  We got to climb into their fire truck.

The brave Crew from Nevada Division of Forestry told us about being safe at home and in the forest. They explained what tools they use and how they use them. They work hard to put out forest fires to save animals and people. It is very different from our local firefighters that put out house and building fires. The forestry crew has to carry water pumps on their backs because there are no fire hydrants in the forest. They use shovels, chain saws and picks to dig in the ground to stop the fires. Sometimes they light fires too. This is to burn toward the fire and stop it. This is called a back burn. Trees and plants burn very fast in Nevada because there is not a lot of rain.

The crew gave everyone a special bag with stickers and a comic book about Smokey the bear. Some of the children were afraid of Smokey because he was so big. Others went to him and gave him a hug. Smokey has been helping the forestry department for many years.

We love to have special visitors at Discoveries. Smokey the Bear was the best.

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