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Fall Family Festival

Discoveries celebrated Halloween fun with students and families on Friday Oct.21st.  There were treats and games to enjoy.  Sandwiches, salads and chips were part of the party.  Of course there were cookies, cupcakes and candy too.

Miss Jessica in the Alligator class was busy helping people decorate monster faces on flannel board.  The Monkey’s class was crazy with ping pong balls flying everywhere.   There was a black cup Pong game.   Miss Brittney moves fast and kept the balls in play.  Her helper was Miss Heather and they made a great team for Pong.

Panda’s class had a Circus Ring Toss and a Hammer whacking Thing.  Miss Jackie was the clown and Miss Daniela dressed as a Bat joined in the fun. Pumpkin bowling was the entertainment in the Cubs classroom.  Miss Frankie and Miss Rose passed out more candy.

The Mustang class was happening…Music was playing as friends and families went fishing for Goodie Bags with Miss Ashlee. Mr. Garret was teasing everyone with Bite the Ghost Game. It was hard to bite a powdered sugar doughnut without your hands. Dancing and playing “Toss the Spider Game” at the big black spider web was Miss Dawn. She was dressed as a Kitty Cat with a light up tail.

The Babies Caterpillar room had a “Decorate a cookie” there was frosting everywhere.  Sugar high was a guarantee. Miss Gina and Mr. Rob were directing the front room with the snacks and.  Miss Silvia was doing her usual rounds dress as Thing 2.  Miss Brittney was Thing 1.  Or was it the other way around??

Everyone seemed to have a marvelous time and it was great practice for Halloween.  There were witches, super heros, princesses and zombies everywhere.  It is a wonderful time to be able to pretend to be someone different than ourselves.

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