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Winter Musings!

It’s been a long cold and wet winter. Winter break was almost a month long. The Mustangs had many field trips and fun in December and January. The whole school had a special magic show with birds, music, and snowing inside the Mustang classroom.

February is already here and it’s time for Valentine’s parties. cards and food. Each class will be having a very “Lovely” party with cards and a special lunch on Tues. Feb 14th. We are sure there will be sweet treats to share.

There is a new learning center in the Mustang class. Miss Dawn has made a post office in the upstairs loft. There is a computer and desk for taking care of the mail. We have a mail carrier to deliver the mail and a pocket mail wall. 4 students at a time may work in the post office. Thanks to the teachers and parents for donating “junk” mail for us to use and recycle.

Miss Dawn’s class is practicing KINDNESS this month. We have a Kindness House and 100 Hearts to show all the “Random Acts of Kindness.” Each time we experience kindness we write it down on a colorful heart and put up on the Kindness House. There are “Dress up clothes ” in the KINDNESS PLAYHOUSE and lots of ways to show kindness and respect to everyone. We hope the world will be a better place for everyone because of our kindness.

The last week of the month we have more wonderful guests visiting us from the Smile Shop dental office. They will be helping us learn about taking good care of our teeth and mouth. Happy Valentine’s Day 2017. May you spend the day with the people you love.

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