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Spring at Discoveries

Discoveries is Looking Forward to Spring At Discoveries we are looking forward to spring! Lots of fun crafts and outdoor activities. We will try our hand at gardening. Starting with flowers to watch them grow from seeds to beautiful blooms in our back playground flower box. We are planting a potato patch in the front […]

Dinosaur Eggs at Discoveries

Dinosaur Week at Discoveries The end of February brought Dinosaur week to the Alligator Class.  They were Archaeologists looking for the Alphabet in the sand, fossil hunters and of course dinosaur detectives themselves. They even did a dinosaur egg hunt; they went out searching to the archaeology site on the playground for dinosaur eggs. The […]

February at Discoveries

  What’s In Store For February The month of February is a busy time for all classes. The babies are growing fast. Miss Sara and team do a wonderful job keeping up with the changes. They have added some new friends to the group. Some of our older babies have moved up to the Cub […]

Discoveries Preschool Visits Discovery Museum

Museum Fun As part of the fun of winter holiday break, the Mustang class went to the Discovery Museum on Dec. 31st. It was a great way to end the year. We were joined by friends, parents, and grandparents to help chaperone. Thanks to all the adults who made this possible. The main exhibit was […]